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Ross Family Tree

family-treeWelcome to the Ross Family Tree, this is a work in progress and will be update when more information is obtained.

Please note this is a separate website from my main site, if you are a member of the main site your login details will not work on this one, we are working on making one registration between both sites.

My Name Is Irene Ross and I have put the tree together, and found many new relations along the way.

It all started when I was a child, I used to ask lots of question about my family tree, and then after having Grandchildren I decided to put it all together.

I've had a lot of help from all sides of the family and would like to thank everyone who has helped input data.

It has took 15 years to get all this data into a web page, that makes sense.

Some of the date of birth and dates of death are estimated, as the early records can be a bit sketchy, especially the census records, where they give age on that date, so you work out year of birth, then you find another census record and they are either older or younger than you first though, oh the joys of research.

Hope you all enjoy it anyway, and if anyone has any info, please feel free to contact me, or if my information is wrong, then again please feel free to contact me with the proper information. Thanks in advance.

To see the full family tree you have to be a memeber of this site, and even then the information of all living people is limited, members of the site are allowed to add information to the tree, but are not allowed to edit existing information, any edit's that need done have to be sent to me to do.

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